The shared night cab at a mini price

You missed the last metro and you are stuck at the other end of Brussels? You are going out tonight and you don't know how to get back? Are you planning to walk home but fear for your safety? The Collecto service and its application are there to save you in these situations!

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Operated by Taxis Verts

What is Collecto?

Collecto is a collective cab service available every day, including Sundays, between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. throughout the Brussels-Capital Region. Via 200 pick-up points at strategic STIB stops, passengers are taken to the address of their choice for a fixed price of only €6.


Booking a Collecto is easy. You can do it easily by phone or via mobile application.

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Economical and sustainable

An individual cab ride in the Brussels-Capital Region costs a minimum of €8 with a final fare that depends on the distance traveled. With Collecto, the price is fixed and without surprise: 6 € per passenger. Collecto is also good for the planet: sharing a cab allows everyone to reduce their carbon footprint.

Safe and friendly

Traveling together in the evening or at night with Collecto increases safety and conviviality with the guarantee of being brought back safely to your destination by entrusting the trips to professionals.

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